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What is the Name of your NFT Collection?
Do you have your own Token? If yes add the name of your token
1) How many NFTs will be minted in total
2) Which services are offered (in our example we have staking, casino etc
1) which blockchain is your project based on?
2) is there a token for the project?
3) few words about the designed of the token (e.g. ; The $coin is designed to be used as a reward for staking, participating in special events and activities
4)anything else about the token? (not technical info)
Brefly describe steps and dates or steps for your road map e.g. Phase 1 :
- Twitter and Discord creation
- Mint of project
- Listing on Marketplaces
- On-Going Marketing Efforts

Phase 2
- Create our Launchpad
-Create our Play to Earn game
-Create our Casino bet game
- Sweep Contest
- Allocations to our holders
- Exclusive Alpha Calls
- Educational course
Examples below
Mint Date: (approximatelly when or TBA)
Collection Size: (e.g. 5000)
Holders Mint Price: 0.5 $SOL - 1 per wallet
WL Mint Price: 1 SOL - 10 per wallet
Public Mint Price : 2 SOL - 5 per wallet
Examples below:
Token Name: $name
Total Supply: 10,000,000
1) How we generate funds
2) Revenue Share (examples)
50% of total funds generated will be distributed to Holders
20% of total funds generated goes to liquidity
20% of total funds generated goes to team
10% of total funds generated is reserver for sites maintenance
Type information that should be included in the whitepaper
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